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As part of our  Spotlight series on the awesome people who make up the BREL team, today we’re talking with Sydney, our Marketing Coordinator, who has been part of the BREL team since April 2019.

Sydney Masonovich

Why did you get into real estate marketing? 

I have always been passionate about real estate. I remember being young and coming home after school to binge-watch the-back-to-back episodes of House Hunters on HGTV. Now working in the industry, It’s very rewarding to see your efforts help someone out during a huge and exciting moment in their lives.

What did you do before becoming a Marketing Coordinator?

My experience in Marketing stems back to my Journalism degree at Ryerson University. I always knew that I loved to tell stories, and understand people. I was fascinated by marketing after an elective I took, and learned how to apply my writing strengths to produce consumer selling stories. 

I worked for a year as a Marketing Coordinator in the fitness industry, but my love and passion for the Toronto life and culture drove me back to the big city. This is where I stumbled upon BREL and fell in love with their creative and fresh take to marketing. I knew I would thrive on a team like this, and the rest is history!

What’s it like being on the BREL team?

Sydney Masonovich

The team and family-oriented atmosphere that Mel and Brendan have created is amazing. Whenever I leave our team meetings, I feel super inspired by all the intelligent and creative people that I work with.  

Not to mention that we definitely have the most fun!

What do you love most about your role?

Sydney the BREL team

I love that I get to be creative every day. From creating social posts to editing videos and taking on graphic design projects, I am always doing something fresh and innovative. Mel has been such an amazing mentor and I can’t wait to keep on growing with BREL! 

Tell us about where you live. 

I live in Fort York and am in LOVE with this area! I have lived everywhere in Toronto including steps away from Dundas Square, to the Church-Wellesley neighbourhood, to all the way east in the Beaches, making it safe to say that my heart lives here in the west end.

I live right on the Lakeshore which is perfect for my active lifestyle. It’s the perfect balance of greenery and waterfront running galore, mixed with the bustling city life just 10 mins away. 

Not to mention that this is the perfect area for my furry friend who will be joining me in less than a month! Stay tuned for dog pics OVERLOAD! 

What does ‘home’ mean to you? 

Home to me means the exciting life I have begun to create here in Toronto. It’s living with my boyfriend Bobby, and expanding our little family by 4 furry legs! We like to keep each other on our toes, whether it’s going on long city walks, trying out a new bar/restaurant or watching a live Jays/Leafs or Raptors game… I wouldn’t change it for the world!

What’s your craziest real estate story? 

While I don’t have any stories to tell, I’ve certainly heard a lot of crazy tenant stories from our Rental Specialist, Dena!

What we ❤️ best about Sydney

by Mel, Broker/Owner

Working with a group of busy (and slightly nutty) agents isn’t easy, but Syd takes it all in stride. Whether it’s dealing with our frequent photo change and copy requests or my random drop-everything-and-do-this ideas, Syd makes it all happen. I love having Syd as my marketing sidekick – she’s always got new ideas and isn’t afraid to challenge and improve what we’re already doing – and that just means more kick-ass marketing for our clients. She’s a crucial part of the team and I’m looking forward to seeing how she continues to grow the BREL brand.

Also: Syd is super sweet and funny…and that puppy of hers may just have to be the new BREL mascot.

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