Welcome to the part of our website dedicated to BREL clients! Below you’ll find important information that will help you navigate the home selling process.

Important Online Forms for Sellers

In order to have as much detail about your house or condo as possible, we’ll need you to complete the following online forms before we can list your home:

seller forms
1.  Seller Pre-Listing Information (for Houses)   or   Seller Pre-Listing Information (for Condos)

2.  Seller Showing instructions



All That Paperwork

There are a lot of documents involved in selling your home and we strive to be as paperless as possible. We’ll be inviting you to an online document sharing cloud service called Docusign Transaction Rooms (formerly Cartavi), where you’ll be able to access all the documents about your sale (and create a zip file of them all at closing time). DocusignTR is completely confidential and safe. It also allows us to share relevant documents with your banker and your lawyer and eliminate back-and-forth scanning, e-mailing and faxing.

We may also be signing some documents electronically with Docusign. If you’d rather use pen and paper, that’s OK – but many of our clients enjoy the simplicity of electronic signing (no faxes, no scanning, no running to Kinkos).Docusign


Important Legal Agreements (in Plain English)

There’s a lot of legal jargon in the ‘official’ agreements, so if you aren’t a lawyer, take the time to familiarize yourself with the documents in plain English before it’s time to sign on the dotted line:

seller formsListing Agreement – this is the document where you agree that Sage Real Estate and the BREL team will “list” (sell) your home

Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Houses) – the offer in plain English (for houses)

Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Condos) – the offer in plain English (for condos)

Working with a Realtor – this explains the ways REALTORS can represent Sellers and Buyers


Essential Reading List

We’ve written literally hundreds of blogs to help our clients, but there a few blogs that we consider essential reading for all our Sellers:


Help! The BREL Concierge

toronto conciergeWe know that moving is a pain, and we’re here to help. Our assistant is available to help you not sweat the small stuff – from waiting for the cable guy to picking up moving boxes to whatever tasks your overworked-self can dream up. Bring it on!