Dear Condo Sellers,

The media hasn’t been kind to you. They’ve been all doom-and-gloom for months now and I can understand if you’ve stopped reading the news.  You should check out these The Toronto Star articles: Perspective is Key When Looking at Condo Stats and No Condo Bubble in Toronto

You should also know that we listed a condo yesterday (Liberty  Village Loft) AND it sold yesterday. Yep, in the middle of the summer. And yep, in the middle of what some are calling a Buyer’s Market for condos.

So why did our listing sell in one day when so many are sitting ont the market?

  • Killer photos made all the difference . Over 90% of Buyers search for a home online, so if your home isn’t standing out online, it’s going to be overlooked. You need professional photos – not iPhone pics and not photos your real estate agent takes. The property we listed looked wicked cool in the pictures and that got people interested in seeing it, right away.. Which would you get more excited about?

Liberty Village Loft for SaleMLS for sale in Toronto

  • The condo sparkled. We brought in our cleaners (www.condofresh.ca) to prepare the condo for sale (we actually do that before all our listings, and yes, we pay for it). Our boys at Condofresh do some staging too, so the end result is pretty amazing. Don’t underestimate the negative impact of a cluttered or messy condo (just ask the owners of the other units in the building who’ve been on the market for months).
  • Our client was realistic. The comparables are what they are – if an identical unit to yours sold last month, chances are you’re going to get around the same price. Setting the right price at the beginning is critical. Don’t get greedy.
  • We’re pretty awesome. I couldn’t write this post without some shameless self-promotion. If you’re thinking of selling a condo in Toronto, give us a call. We’ll make it as painless as possible.

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