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230 rushtonThis week’s Real Estate Crush has more substance to it than our usual eye candy. We’ve been feeling a tad shallow about all the beautiful homes we’ve been featuring, knowing that there is more to the Toronto real estate market than pretty.

So consider this week’s crush the perfect mix of PRETTY and SMART. Really 2 of our favourite things.

If you’re a wannabe Buyer but are feeling intimidated by Toronto house prices, consider this: with 3 apartments, you can live in one and pay most of your mortgage with the rent generated by the other 2 units! And if you’re in an investor…well a cash flow positive property in a hot neighbourhood is always a good thing!

230 Rushton Road

Price: $899,000

Josie Stern, Salesperson & Valerie Benchitrit, Salesperson, Sutton-Group Associates Realty, Inc.

Here’s the skinny:

  • 3 apartments with income potential of over $4,500 a month
  • Tons of character
  • Extremely well maintained
  • Located in hot, hot, hot Hillcrest Village, near great restaurants, shops and Wychwood Barns.

Missed last week’s crush? You can find it here – but we’re sorry to tell you that it sold in a NY minute.




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