Brendan Powell and Melanie Piche

  1. Most of our clients work in advertising and technology. Name an ad agency, and we’ve probably helped someone there buy or sell a house. And we’ve got Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Telus and Facebook covered too.
  2. If you’ve checked out our Sold Listings, you’ve probably noticed we sell a lot of lofts. It’s no secret that we love character spaces and aren’t huge fans of traditional condo boxes. We have a secret list of condo buildings that we won’t even look at. 
  3. We got the BREL moniker in our first weeks of dating (in Brangelina days). It seemed natural to extend it to our real estate brand. And yes, we get a lot of grief from our friends about it now.
  4. We like to travel. A lot. We’ve been to 60 countries. We secretly dream of living in Buenos Aires.
  5. We don’t work with everyone who wants to work with usBuying or selling a home is an intimate process and we spend a lot of time with our clients. We actually have a No Douchebag rule (and yes, we’ve enforced it).
  6. We have daily status meetings in our hot tub
  7. Sometimes, working together is hard. 24/7 with your spouse is better in theory than in practice. We have separate offices at home. 
  8. We sign real estate agreements on our iPad and are virtually paperless. BUT: we still write our to-do lists on paper.
  9. You won’t find us in your mailbox. We abandoned direct mail and Listed/Sold cards right about the time we threw out our fax machine (and we’ve never looked back).
  10. We love Top 10 lists – but sometimes it’s really hard to get to 10.

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