Toronto Realtors join Sage Real Estate

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you BREAKING NEWS….the BREL team has joined Sage Real Estate!

Sage is Toronto’s most innovative real estate brokerage and we couldn’t be more excited. While you can scroll down for the official announcement, here’s why you should care:


What the BREL move means to our Sellers:

Sage is obsessed with marketing, design and technology and it shows in how they list properties. Properties listed with Sage sell in 1/2 the time – and for $18,754 more than the average home sale in Toronto. We kind of love those stats, and we think our Sellers will too.

What the BREL move means to our Buyers:

Probably not much, to be honest. We’re still Brendan and Mel, looking to find the perfect character house, loft or unique condo for our clients. Sage has the same commitment to operating with integrity and doing the right thing that our clients have come to expect.

What the BREL move means to BREL:

For us, it’s kind of huge. We’ve long admired and respected Sage Real Estate and are really looking to working with them to open a new downtown west office. Both Sage and BREL have been on parallel quests to raise the bar in our industry, and together, well, I predict world domination (well at least in the Toronto real estate market). We’ll also be building a team of agents to work with us, so if you know any agents who subscribe to the BREL philosopy, send them our way!


Sage Real Estate in TorontoThe Official Announcement: A Sage Move

The time has come for Sage, Toronto’s leading brokerage for innovation, to expand and open a downtown-west office. In doing so, Sage is also joining forces and welcoming Brendan Powell and Melanie Piché, the BREL team, into the Sage family.

The BREL team, like Sage, has built their reputation on doing real estate just a little differently. Differently, but better. The hallmark of their success has stemmed from being early adopters of social media and technology, formulating a paperless business model and living and working downtown with a laser focus on providing value to clients. They have also made sharing the knowledge accumulated through attendance at international conferences a key part of their day-to-day lives as real estate agents in Toronto. Incredible perspective and openness from a most impressive team.

Sage Real Estate Limited has been working in a similar manner since it opened its doors in mid-town Toronto. Keen to acknowledge how the digital age has changed the real estate model and intent on using all the new tools at its disposal to help its agents create client value as well, Sage has become an internationally recognized leader in digital technology, marketing and the use of social media. And, like the BREL team, Sage believes the industry as a whole can benefit from shared experiences, making its training and observations available to agents from brokerages across the country and North America.

Together, Sage and the BREL team, hope to have more downtown buyers, sellers and realtors partake in the opportunity to savor all that the Sage philosophy has to offer in terms of training, online expertise, paperless technology, effectiveness and raised expectations for the industry at large.



  1. Love the fit. I expect we”ll see many great things to come and I will be watching from the west. Please add me to the invite list when The BREL/Sage is taking the stage. Love to see excellence in action

    BREL Team, A little FAB will do ya…

  2. Fran & Richard says:

    Melanie & Brendan, just letting you know we are proud of both of you. We wish you all the best with Sage as well as your recent successful launch of The Sociable Agent.

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