RoncesvallesOK, I’ll admit – this blog was prompted by a bizarre e-mail I received from one of my readers a few weeks ago who suggested I was an “illiterate taxi driver” because I referred to Roncesvalles as Roncy, and held up her long family history in the neighbourhood as proof that she was the Grand Poobah of Toronto neighbourhood names, and that the appropriate short-form of Roncesvalles was Ronces.

Strange, yes – but it also led to a fascinating poll of my Facebook friends – is it “Roncy” or “Ronces?” Of course people brought up Roncy’s Bean, the Roncy Rocks festival, the Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic, Sushi on Roncy…but there were just as many people who held that Ronces was correct.

So I want to know…what do you call Roncesvalles?


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