We couldn’t be more excited to announce the addition of a new real estate agent to the BREL team: Mike Lind.

Mike comes to the BREL team (and Sage Real Estate) with tons of real estate experience, expertise in Toronto’s east end and a sense of humour that puts Brendan, Jia and myself to shame. [HEY… – Brendan] Mike is committed to delivering the same BREL client experience  that our Buyers and Sellers have come to expect, and will allow the BREL team to continue to deliver the level of personal attention our clients deserve.

Mike Lind, BREL teamI’m sitting here drawing a blank. The kids are down so no distractions right? Well, no. My mind is still reeling, buzzing with excitement and a little uncertainty.  I’ve never really blogged before, always wanted to, but who would want to listen to me?

Now I’m being tasked to write an announcement for a blog for a great real estate team that I never thought I could have ever been part of! My heart rate just went up again writing that!

Where to start? I guess it all started a couple of years ago when I lost a listing to a Sage Real Estate agent. “Sage?” I asked myself. Google… Hit website… Holy crap. Is this where real estate has advanced to? Delve deeper into agent profiles… Hit on some individual websites. Then come across the BREL team.

No Fridge Magnets – never been my style. No BS – agreed! No Broken Promises – well played! Profile time … This is where I was hooked. I simply got to know them right then and there. “Thats exactly how I’ve always wanted to convey myself to people.” I was always under the belief that I needed to present myself on a completely professional level. But I quickly learned from the BREL team that people really want to know who you are as a person too. [Hey wait a minute Mike….this is a compliment right? – Mel]

So who am I? Just a small town boy who fell in love with Toronto. I have fond memories of shopping along Queen St as a teenager and visiting stores like The Black Market and various “Head Shops” along Yonge St. I met my beautiful wife while working as a bartender in a Toronto restaurant.

We bought our first house in the East end where I started my real estate career (9 years ago, holy crap where does the time go?). We fell in love with the restaurants (Maria worked for Jamie Kennedy .. name drop!), quick access to the downtown core and most especially, the farmer’s markets. Being the foodies we are, how can you not love Toronto for the dining experience alone?

Mike familyLucas, Ophelia and Dexter came into our lives which allowed us to discover and take advantage of the many parks, splash pads and small mom and pop ice cream parlours on neighbourhood corners.

Enough about me (I really don’t like talking about myself but Melanie is making me!). I surreptitiously courted the BRELs on their website chat feature (so cool! Try it out!). I found Melanie online and the conversation started. I guess I did something right and was able to meet with Brendan and Melanie a few weeks later. They were exactly as advertised; except they didn’t tell me about the part where they have this funky loft office that they work out of!

Well, now I’m part of the BREL team and (not to sound cliche) I am humbled, excited and working out of that kick-ass loft too!

Good, first blog post done. Many more to come I’m sure, right Melanie?

– Mike Lind, REALTOR @ the BREL team


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