Yea, I know, I’m usually saying just the opposite – but it’s time for some cold hard truths.

Do NOT hire the BREL team if:

  • You’re looking for a discount agent – sorry folks, but we know how to do what we do and that comes at a cost. I can’t stage and market your home for 1% – at least not in the way that will bring in top dollar. We bring in professionals – cleaners, stagers, photographers, videographers – and that costs $$$. We also invest heavily in online marketing to make sure your home is exposed to your target Buyers. What we do works. Just putting your home on MLS with photos taken from an iPhone won’t bring in top dollar – trust me, we see it all the time. Saving 1/2 percentage point on commission doesn’t matter if you sell your home for 1% or 2% less than it’s worth. 
  • You’re looking for an order-taker. Our clients think of us as consultative partners – not order takers. We have a lot of knowledge, experience and strategy to share. If you’re looking for someone who’ll just do what you say and not ask any questions, well, we’re the wrong people.
  • If you just want someone to tell you what you want to hear. I know, it’s nice when a real estate agent tells you only nice things. And sometimes the truth hurts – that litter box is gross, you can’t afford that house, you need to put away those 20 wedding photos before you show the house, yes, you need to make your bed every day, and no, your house isn’t worth $900,000.
  • You like it old-school. Times have changed, and there are tons of tools and technology to help you buy or sell your home. BREL Buyers get iPads to track their home search and our Sellers’ homes dominate the web and social media. No worries if you aren’t tech savvy-we have options for you too.
  • You’re hoping to compete with ‘BAD REALTOR’ stories at the next dinner party. Our 275+ testimonials and reviews and frequent referrals kind of speak for themselves:

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  1. Thanks I definitely won’t hire you guys then! I’ll just take a few pics of my house with my iPhone, post it on comfree and MLS, and save $15k.

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